"German cables and accessories for the senses since 1977"


A pure sound, a sharp picture and an exclusive feeling of luxury. This is what German based Inakustik are all about. Offering the utmost quality for your eyes, your ears and all your senses. Since 1977 they have been dedicated to perfection – in audio, video, music and media, and exclusive design.



Made in Germany - The source of Inakustik's success

Inakustik says: "We don’t know where others acquire their cables. For our part, we manufacture our speaker cables here in Germany. And most of the home hi-fi and video cables in the Referenz and Exzellenz quality classes are manufactured by in-house production plants at Company headquarter in Ballrechten-Dottingen."

The best cable is the one that least affects the reproduction quality of the Hi-Fi or video chain and transmits the original signal with the minimum loss.

Perfect performance instead of unnecessary losses. Physics instead of voodoo – that is Inakustik's credo.

Do not waste the potential of your electronic devices

Losses occur at every Connection. The challange is to minimise these losses with appropriate cables. The best cable is the one that least affects the reproduction Quality of the Hi-Fi or video chain and transmits the original signal with the minimum loss.

Find the right cable for every need and budget.

Inakustik products are made of first-rate materials and offer optimum performance. And that is also reflected in the quality. With every quality level, from Star to Premium and Excellence, right up to the absolute top-of-the-range Reference class, users benefit from finer, more sophisticated and ingenious cable technology. What do you get? More sound. More sharpness. Less loss.

Signal transmission is affected by:

Mobile phones, Wi-Fi- and electrosmog
Small conductor cross sections
Low-quality conductors made from impure, oxidised or recycled copper or even Aluminium
Poor insulation
Capacitance (a cable acts like a battery and stores energy) and inductance

Minimise losses by:

Multi-layer, highly dense shielding against external interference
Extra-thick conductor cross sections for high data rates
Very pure copper conductors for a homogeneous and unhindered signal flow
High-quality insulation against external factors such as moisture (oxidation of the copper)
Special cable structures that reduce undesired capacity and inductivity and improve performance

More about the company

“No compromise in sound”—in short, this principle has been Inakustik's driving force since the establishment of in-akustik in 1977. Inakustik are part of the Braun group, a strong corporate network. All members of the group are dedicated to the same goals: doing what they do with love and passion, offering products of outstanding quality, and being always one step ahead of the competition.

Headquartered in Ballrechten-Dottingen (southwest Germany), in-akustik GmbH & Co. KG is a leading company in the hi-fi and music industry today. We are not only among the top vendors of hi-fi and video cables but also run our own independent record label. In July 2014, we became the German distributor of Piega, a high-end loudspeaker manufacturer from Switzerland, and from January 2016 the German distributor of Primare, a legendary Swedish brand for high-end audio and home cinema components.

In addition, in-akustik offers smart-home equipment for use in private as well as public spaces. We will never stop trying to improve even the best cables, the finest loudspeakers, and the most beautiful media. A key factor of their success is that their headquarters are located near Freiburg—a region often referred to as the “German Tuscany”.

Inakustik's ambitions as a constantly growing business in an international market manifests itself in the numerous urban centers nearby—whether Strasbourg, Zurich, or in Australia!