We are excited to announce that well known and respected Victorian retailer Selby Acoustics has been appointed to represent the Triangle range of loudspeakers from France.

Selby Acoustics are one of Australia's largest retailers of Home Theatre & Hi-Fi products and accessories, with showrooms in Hallam in Melbourne and Geelong in Southern Victoria.

Selby Acoustics' extensive experience and excellence in customer service will be of great benefit in raising the profile of the Triangle loudspeaker brand in Victoria, allowing more customers to discover Triangle's lively and dynamic sound experience and excellence in design.

Initially the Triangle loudspeaker range will be available at the Hallam store, as well as their new Thornbury store that opens July 3rd.

For more information, you can visit Selby's website at https://www.selby.com.au/, email them at via email at sales@selby.com.au or contact them on directly 1800 692 225