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Stax Electrostatic Limited edition system


28th April 2011   |    Stax    |   Accessories: ( Headphone & Accessories ) 

Stax have released a new Earspeaker – the SR507, and a new ‘limited’ driver unit – the SRM-600 Limited. They have also taken the opportunity to combine the two models in a Limited Edition special offer.


There are a number of new advancements with the SR507. The electrostatic element has been upgraded and enclosed in a tough resin casing. The new thin-film material is almost free from stretch through temperature or humidity. The result has been improvements in both low and high frequency response.

The headband has been upgraded with a new 10-click slider, once adjusted it will not be necessary to re-adjust. This new mechanism also softens the side pressure on the ears.

All of the cable, both internal and external, has been upgraded, as has the sheepskin leather earpads.

The SRM-600 driver unit features a vacuum tube output, utilising ECC99 high-power dual triode – designed for superb dynamism and vividness of sound. The ECC99 is one of the best and most advanced devices available today; they are manufactured with the assembly accuracy of +/-0.02mm or less and up to 5,000 hours of lifetime test.

The input stage features low-noise, high impedance discrete FETs. The power supply is the largest that Stax uses across its range. The SRM-600 incorporates two RCA and one XLR input

The combination of these two models results in a headphone experience rivaled by very few products (most notable being the larger Stax offerings.) If you are a headphone aficionado treat yourself to a listen. However a word of warning. Experience has shown that many owners of Stax purchase a pair following what was only going to be a ‘curiosity listen’.

Limited Edition only 600 systems made worldwide excellent value at $3,999.00



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