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With over 70 years of combined experience in the Audio industry, Audio Marketing is a family-owned and run business committed to distributing and supporting a select few of the best audio products available today.

Audio Marketing is honored to distribute and support  the following brands.


Electrostatic Ear Speakers

Since 1938, STAX has been seen as the benchmark in personal audio.

Electrostatic transducers are capable of reproducing virtually any frequency without requiring mass to be moved or decay. The result is an accuracy and speed that is unrivaled by dynamic drivers.

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Pure HiFi

Musical Fidelity is proudly one of the best known brands in the world of HiFi.

A passion for music evident in every aspect of the company. Founded by classical musician, Anthony Michelson, Musical Fidelity retains its proud British heritage and continues to produce purist electronics for the HiFi enthusiast more than 30 years on. 


For the senses

A pure sound, a sharp picture and an exclusive feeling of luxur. This is what we’re all about – quite simply the utmost quality for your eyes, your ears and all your senses. Since 1977 we have been dedicated to perfection – in audio, video, music and media, and exclusive design.

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Manufacture Electroacoustique

French charm, passion and emotion. 

For over 40 years, Triangle has been producing speakers that evoke passion and emotion. 

A French vision of Romanticism.


Manufacture Electroacoustique

Berkeley Audio Design was formed with the goal of making that level of fidelity available to music lovers and audiophiles everywhere.

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Airbearing Turntable System 

Floating on a bed of air, the 5kg aluminium platter and fully adjustable tangential arm delivers a level of isolation and sonic purity that is rarely seen at this price point. 


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A new generation of the flagship Nu-Vista series is here



While you have the same consumer rights when you buy parallel imports as you do with any other goods, it may be more difficult to obtain a remedy if something goes wrong with a parallel import. Should you have concerns about a product or dealer, please contact us.


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