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The BR02 BT speakers create a compact and powerful all-in-one Hi-Fi system with multiple features. These active speakers have been designed for modern and versatile use.


They offer vast possibilities to meet every need: ease of use with HD Bluetooth aptX music streaming, a phono input to connect a vinyl turntable, an optical input for a TV screen and a Sub output for a subwoofer association. The BR02 BT integrate a Class-D amplifier with an output of 2x50 Watts RMS. Equipped with an EFS fabric dome tweeter combined with a 13 cm midrange/bass driver from the BOREA range, these compact size speakers offer a rich, precise, and detailed sound image. Easy to position on dedicated speaker stands or furniture, they will be ideal for rooms of up to 25m2.


A remote control with a range of more than 15 meters regardless of obstacles (walls, furniture, etc.), a power cable and a 3m speaker cable to connect the amplified speaker to the passive speaker are provided with the speakers.

  • Connectivity


    AUX mini-jack 3.5mm / Optical Toslink / Coaxial / RCA (LINE/PhonoMM)




  • Warranty

    2 Years warranty managed by us in Sydney Australia. 


  • Dimensions

    176 x 310 x 274 mm

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